Exporting Managed Functions

A question came up on an internal Magenic list, which basically went something like this: "Is there any way to export a function in .NET such that you could call it in C?" This means no COM interop; you have to export the function in your assembly. The only way I know to do is it is to use the .vtfixup, .data, .vtentry, and .export directives like this:

.vtfixup [1] int32 fromunmanaged at ENTRY_1

.class SimpleMethodDefines
    .method public static int32 UnmanagedInt32()
        .vtentry 1:1
        .export [1] as UnmanagedInt32
        .maxstack 1

.data ENTRY_1 = int32(0)

You can get the full source code example from my CIL book from this page - it's in the Methods subfolder under the Chapter02 directory. At the end of day, UnmanagedInt32() can be called like an exported function from VB6 [1] like so:

Private Declare Function UnmanagedInt32 Lib "Methods.dll" () As Integer

Private Sub cmdInvoke_Click()

MsgBox "UnmanagedInt32 = " & CStr(UnmanagedInt32())

End Sub

Can anyone else think of another way? If you allow COM interop, the C programmer could call the COM service (remember this article?). I'd lean towards this approach. Exporting the function is just too ugly.

[1] I realize the original question uses the C language. I'm not a C programmer, but the VB6 code example shows that the function is indeed exported.

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