Learning a Lot about i18n and l10n

My current gig involves adding i18n and l10n support to their framework and applications that use the framework. I've done a little work with this stuff before at a previous client, but it's never been the primary focus of my development time. I've always looked at i18n like I do with security: I wish I didn't have to deal with it because I want to work on the cool stuff, but if stick my head in the sand it'll eventually come back to bite me. This project is changing my views on it [1]. By no means am I an i18n expert, but I'm starting to learn about all sorts of interesting things. Plus, since the first language we're targeting is Arabic, it gets real interesting in a hurry! [2] The .NET framework definitely helps out on making things easier for the developer with respect to i18n, but there's a bunch of little gotchas that we're running into. Better now than later, though. Be prepared to watch for future posts on i18n and l10n as I bumble and stumble my way through this territory.

[1] Unfortunately, my views on security haven't changed much. I'll explain what I mean by that in a future post.

[2] By the way, try installing an Arabic version of Windows XP sometime. It's quite fun to look at a screen and have absolutely no idea what the hell it says.

* Posted at 12.03.2004 04:41:06 PM CST | Link *

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