FileGenerator Updated

I've been getting a couple of inquiries about the FileGenerator add-in I wrote for Reflector. Specifically, they were asking when I was going to update it. This confused me at first, because anyone should've been able to just grab the latest Reflector.exe and rebuild my add-in. Unfortunately, what I didn't understand is that Reflector has been significantly changed to the point where my add-in was broken.

However, there's always System.Reflection ;)

You can grab the latest bits here. Note that this code will only work for the version. Furthermore, my code was kind of piece-mealed together, and I really need to refactor the code base. Finally, the primary reason I did this is to see if I could still get the add-in to work. However, my add-in is now "dangerous" in the sense that I'm using internal Reflector bits, so use at your discretion. If Reflector is ever obfuscated, then updating my add-in will become extremely problematic, but challenges are fun.

* Posted at 10.16.2003 05:09:08 PM CST | Link *

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