Trying to Avoid a Potentially Nasty Debugging Session

While I've been able to add mirroring to the client's .NET application, there's one small problem I haven't been able to fix. For some reason, when the application loads a custom UI configuration and it uses the ErrorProvider, the exclamation icons "jump around" when you move around in the control. That is, they don't stay to the, I mean, left, of the control, and I have no idea why. Because everything is so dynamic, it's going to be hard to find out where the problem is. I created a small test application, thinking it may have something to do with the ErrorProvider, but it works fine in mirroring, so it's something subtle. Ugh, this won't be a fun debugging experience...

* Posted at 12.10.2004 03:01:56 PM CST | Link *

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