WinRes and ImageList Objects

Let's say I have a form that has the Localizable property equal to true. I drop a ImageList on to the form, and then I add three images to the Images property. I save my project and all is well with the world.

Until I open the .resx file for the form in WinRes:

As you can see, there's no Images property for applicationImageList. The image data is definitely in the .resx file (encoded as base64, but it's there). I'm wondering if WinRes has problems showing collections, but this kind of stinks because I don't have an easy way to add culture-specific images to the .resx file. If you know of a workaround or if there's a way to do this without resorting to something analogous to open-heart surgery please let me know - thanks in advance.

* Posted at 12.21.2004 03:26:02 PM CST | Link *

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