PDC 2003? I'm Not Going! Crap!

OK, if you're going, great. I'm not saying that it's a bad event - I mean, I've never been there. There's a lot of hype for it. I'd love to go. There's probably a lot of great information that's going to be released there. But I'm not going. I'm not bitter or jealous of those who are. Really. I'm not. I'm serious. I wish the best for those who are. I'd like to be there, but I'm not. So, for those of us who aren't going (like Brian, who inspired me to do this)...

Feel free to reuse it. (And, like my father-in-law says in his Irish accent, "It's only a joke.")

* Posted at 08.06.2003 12:13:30 PM CST | Link *

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