Summer of 2008 Is the Summer Of Home Projects

While there are lots of interesting things going on in my life, I realized today that there are also lots of things around the house that need to be addressed. Next year's project is getting the unfurnished part of our lower level furnished, so things gotta get straightened up around here. It's funny, because what set me off was all of my books. If you've been to my house, you know that I collect books. Lots of books. It's kind of an addiction (although I think it's better than crack). Working from home has forced me to see the way the were "organized" and it was bugging me. Today, I finally "cracked" in a good way. I reorganized them so it looks much cleaner. Then I started to see all of the things that needed to get done this summer, and the planning is underway.

Again, it's just a bunch of small- to medium-sized projects, but they can't wait around for another year. I've been kind of lazy, but no longer! Tomorrow the list will be made. Tomorrow the Summer of Small- to Medium-Sized Projects begins...

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