Vacation in Atlanta

I'll skip the usual lamenting that most bloggers do when they get back from vacation (i.e. "Oh my god - 500 e-mails to catch up on!!"). Rather, I'll give you the highlights of my trip down to Atlanta (sorry, no pictures)

Thursday Liz and I went to The Martin Luther King Jr. Center. I found it to be very interesting, especially the visitor center. They had a lot of informative displays - very educational and moving. Friday the whole family (Liz's entire family was down there as well) went to some indoor playroom where they have these huge blow-up slides and obstacle courses. I had a blast racing the kids through the courses and punching other family members in the boxing ring ;). Saturday I went to a Civil War battleground site. I'm not big on history, and I wish I was as there's so much to the War that I'm just not aware of. Actually, we ended up hiking up the mountain/hill that day, which was good exercise. That day ended with "the guys" playing football in the local pool. Sunday was a quiet day - Liz and I ended up having a quiet dinner together before packing up for the flight home today.

All in all, I had fun, although being around family for 4 days straight can wear on you ;). Now I need a vacation from my vacation!

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