I'm a Script Kiddie

Over the 6 months I've done a lot more JavaScript than I have in my entire life. As with any language there's things I like about it and things I don't. Most of them stem from the fact that it's a dynamic language, so I can create new properties and methods and attach them to objects on the fly, but if I screw up one letter...I won't know until I run the code (as there is no compilation process). The client is making steps to try and write their JavaScript in a way that more OO-based so it's not just a big honking .js file with hundreds and hundreds of methods. I have to admit, it's been a fun experience learing JavaScript, but like anything else I do I couldn't do it for 5 years straight either.

Another thing I've seen with JavaScript is that it's no longer a "script kiddie" language. Years ago that term may have had a bit of relevance, but there's a lot of powerful stuff you can do with JavaScript. The client is doing lots of really cool things with their web applications in conjuction with JavaScript, even more than DOM manipulation and AJAX calls (gotta get that acronym in there). Maybe I should take the time and learn Ruby someday...

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