11.11.2002 10:36 PM

I'm taking a break from Exploring .NET to focus on some instructing aspects at Intertech for the next week or two. I'm currently ahead of the schedule (sort of ;) ) and it's amazing at how relaxed I am. I've been going back and forth on a couple of new book ideas after the latest one is done, but over the last three or four months I've had some hard realizations on committments and scheduling. I started to overbook myself and I ended up getting stressed out. I just wasn't happy. I've cut back on things and I'm starting to get more positive about things. Plus, I've been writing books for nearly two years straight, and I really need to take a break!

I took some time to clean out the office today. It was feeling really cluttered and it was bugging me. I moved a lot of COM/ATL/VB/old computer books downstairs to the general library area. It's not that they're bad books - they're just not as relevant anymore to what I'm doing (if I really need them I'll just run downstairs and grab 'em).

In fact, I really don't read a lot of technical books anymore. Yes, I do write techie books and I'm not discouraging anyone from buying them ;). What I mean is, I used to buy virtually every book I could find on programming. I even bought three "red" books on C++ 7 years ago - I really wanted to become a C++ expert. Now two of them prop up one of my monitors! I guess I've become more general - I don't buy a book on a technology I know nothing about unless I'm on a project and need to get up to speed quickly. My tastes have moved more towards general programming books that deal with software development issues without necessarily focusing in on one language or technology. It's amazing how much easier development has become since I started 7 years ago. Now, if I run into an issue (like making the ASP.NET DataGrid handle hierarchical data) I just search through Google - more often than not, someone's already run into the same issue. The tools have become much better. The knowledge base has broadened vastly. For all the bitching and moaning that I sometimes do, it's becoming a much better world. Because of this, my wailing and gnashing of teeth has gone down considerably. I used to get into arguments with other developers over the stupidest issues. I used to get so mad when someone wouldn't work. And I still do at times. But I'm learning to just let things go and slide. It's a lot easier to live when you stop wondering "what kind of dining set defines me as a person?"

Yes, I grabbed that last line from "Fight Club." Which I'm watching now. So many great lines come from that book/movie.

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