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As most XBoxers know who play Halo 2, the gaming statistics is pretty cool. I'm hoping that other games follow suit. For example, PGR2's ranking is pretty stupid in retrospect. Just because you're racing someone who's at a level 50 or higher doesn't really mean much (and all those Kudos points really don't mean anything - they're completely worthless). Having a ranking system that's relative to the people you play against gives a ranking number that means something (it's not perfect, but it's better than what PRG2 does). Also, having racing statistics (average lap times, best lap, when overtakes occurred, etc.) would be sweet, especially if an RSS feed was available so you could consume those statistics.

I don't know if Forza will have any game statistics or how their online rankings will work (if they even have such a concept). But I have discovered that I like getting gaming statistics. They help me understand what I'm good at and what I suck at [1] so I know what I need to work on.

[1] Through the Halo 2 RSS Excel sheet, I've found out that I'm killing (569) more than I get killed (503), and 50% of the time I'm scoring for the team. So at least I have those things working for me!

* Posted at 12.08.2004 12:39:25 PM CST | Link *

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