XNA Market: Little Kid Games

One thing I've been trying lately is introduce Hayden to the world of gaming. I'm not throwing him into the PGR3 ring or the Halo world just yet; I'm starting with simple, harmless games like Marble Blast. He gets how to jump and make the ball go "boom" (blue button) and he kind-of gets how to move the ball around. Of course, he has no idea how to finish a level, but he loves it when the ball falls of the edge or it gets knocked around by the bumpers. As I was watching him play, I thought, you know what, it would be cool if people started making really simple games for little kids. They wouldn't need to be games, either. Maybe something to go through the alphabet, or learning colors, or putting gears together to see how they interact.

This is where I hope somebody goes with XNA Studio. They could be really simple, cheap games that kids 2-5 could really enjoy. No violence, no blood - just friendy, easy interactive worlds. Since I have very little game writing experience (and I have very little time these days), I don't see myself being that person to do it, but I think someone could make a nice chunk of change if they went down this route.

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