I finished this book last night. Basically, there's a team of 5 humans who work on a station at the bottom of the ocean. They've been enhanced to withstand the extreme pressures there while they work near a fissure to harness its energy for a power-hungry world. However, these people are damaged; one was abused as a child, another is a pedophile, another is a war vet, etc. While they slowly learn to deal with the environment they live in, it becomes clear that those "above" have found out that there's something genetic at the sea floor that could literally wipe out humanity.

I found it really hard to put this book down. The writing is done well, but it's not the best prose I've ever read. Yet ... there was something to the story that kept dragging me back to the book to keep reading it. Watts does a good job handling tough human situations and mixing in a lot of science at the same time. As soon as I finished this, I moved on to "Malestrom" right away (I have all 4 books) and I plan on blazing through the series as I'm intrigued to see where things go.

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