This is Awful...Absolutely Disgusting...Enjoy!

Somebody sent a link to me of a video of a guy...well, needless to say it's pretty disgusting what happens. It's not even funny, but it shows just how stupid and incoherent one can become under the influence [1]. I didn't want the video file on my site, but I had to let others know of it (the whole immature thing that I usually suppress comes into play here), so I looked on the net, and I found it. I strongly warn you, though, those with weak stomachs or get grossed out real easy may not want to look.

Here's the video - enjoy!

[1] Unfortunately Liz has pictures of me at a New Year's Eve party about 5 or 6 years ago where I drank way too many Lynchburg Lemonades. They're not gross, but they're kind of embarassing - you know, the pictures you want your kids to find when they're older so they can laugh at you. "Dad, that's you on the floor laughing hysterically at nothing??"

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