My Employer Finally Has a Decent Web Site

Even since I worked with Magenic, I've been a bit leery to link to their site. Frankly, I always thought it was a bit crude and unappealing. In the last year or so, strides have been made to clean things up and make it look better, but just recently it went through a major change (probably due to the fact that we won an award for Microsoft Partner of the Year, which is quite honestly a really cool thing, and we needed to get that on our site) and now it looks...good. Quite good, actually. I think every company I ever worked for (and most have been consulting shops) never had great web sites - it took 'em years to get it right. Yeah, my site sucks, but I'm not a business in the strictest of terms. So, hop over to Magenic's site and check it out. I'll be waiting for the comments from someone who says it looks awful in Firefox (which I checked and it seems to look just fine although some menu hovers don't work quite right) or some other browser that I don't use.

* Posted at 07.23.2005 07:31:43 PM CST | Link *

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