Why Do People Call My Wife "Lisa"?

It's weird.

When I started dating Liz, everyone else seemed to call her "Lisa". Her parents, her siblings, her nieces and nephews, her friends...but for some reason I didn't get the "go-ahead" to call her "Lisa". She preferred that I call her "Liz" (and "Beth" was not acceptable :) ).

It's something that happened when she was young. Somehow she got the nickname "Lisa" and it's still around. I just don't get to use it.

You'd figure after nearly 11 years of marriage I'd be able to slip in a "Lisa" now and then...but no. I don't get beat up for it, it's just not "preferred".

If that's the only oddity in my wife, I'll take it :)

* Posted at 08.25.2008 12:06:03 PM CST | Link *

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