Getting Ready for the Halo 3 LAN Party Tomorrow Night

This whole week I've been cleaning like crazy to get the house ready for tomorrow's Halo 3 party. Today was the big chore: cleaning the carpets. The thing I was really worried about was whether or not they'd dry out in time. Last time I did this, it took a while for the dampness to go away. This time, I ran around the neighborhood getting fans from the neighbors to see if that would make a difference. So far it seems like it's working out quite nicely - the downstairs area is almost dry! Once that's done, I'll get the upstairs dried out and put the furniture back. I picked up some snacky-snacks and non-alcoholic drinks - hail junk food for one night!

I'm not exactly sure what the head count is right now - I wouldn't be surprised if we have at least 15 people here, if not more. Should be an awesome night of Halo 3!

* Posted at 07.17.2008 01:44:08 PM CST | Link *

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