Sealing Overriden Virtual Methods

I just found out you can do this:

public abstract class BaseClass
   protected abstract void AMethod();

public abstract class PartialBaseClass
   : BaseClass
   protected override sealed void AMethod() { }

public class ImplementationClass : PartialBaseClass
{ }

The interesting thing to note is that ImplementationClass cannot override AMethod(). I just ran into a design where I could refactor it such that subclasses down the inheritance tree didn't have to worry about "accidentally" overriding a method that they really shouldn't override. By sealing that method, it makes the point moot. It's a small thing, but it's nice to know about - I think it can clean up a lot of designs I make in the future.

* Posted at 09.10.2006 07:47:31 PM CST | Link *

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