Flagged Links #64

"Introducing Surinx" - Basically, it's Juby renamed. I like the story behind the renaming.

"IL Stub Diagnostic Tool" - Probably not needed every day, but it's good to know it's there.

"Book review - C# in Depth, 2nd edition" - Sounds like a good C# book to have around.

"Async Messaging and the Barbarian Hordes" and "The Last Mile of the Internet" - If only our machines could listen to push messages...damn corporate firewalls. (And yes, I know of ways to sort-of get around that.)

"Transact-SQL Formatting Standards (Coding Styles)" - In case you get tasked with "we need T-SQL coding standards pronto!" - just send 'em to this link.

"Fun With Method Missing and C# 4" - Ah, the joys of "missing method" in .NET.

"Experiments with parallel genetic programming in Clojure" - Clojure looks a little bizarre to me, but these examples seem very readable.

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