Finished "Splinter Cell: Double Agent"

Last night Liz and I finished "SC:DA" together. Overall I was very happy with the game. I wish the storyline could've been a bit longer (and I thought it was really lame the way they killed off Fischer's daughter), but the graphics were simply gorgeous. I've enjoyed the first SC games and this one lives up (if not exceeds) the gameplay of the previous three. I probably won't play multiplayer mode - the last thing I want in my life is to listen to 12-year-old whiners (I had enough of that in "Halo2"). Speaking of "Halo2" I was watching a show yesterday where some "professional" gamers were duking it out. Damn - I was amazed at the teamwork. One team had their moves down cold and completely dominated another team that would've sniped my ass all over Coagulation.

My next game? "Gears of War", of course :).

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