Band Practice

Last night I had a band practice, and it wasn't Sidetracked. I got together with a bunch of guys to play covers (I took up the drum responsibilities for this band). I went in with no expectations as I didn't know the skill levels of anyone else (and my drumming skills are not the best right now). Overall, I had "fun". The bassist, Brian, suprised me in that he's pretty solid with his playing. He's not a Billy Sheenan or Geddy Lee type of guy, but he gets the job done, which was good. The other guys...well, one of the guitarists didn't know any of the songs and we really didn't have a singer picked out. They have skills, but not knowing the songs didn't help. We also didn't have a guy to sing the songs, so someone just starting singing, and I couldn't tell if he was good or bad because, frankly, I couldn't hear the vocals over my drums and the other instruments. Oh, and the fact that pretty much everyone was drinking didn't help concentration levels either.

It's not that I was upset or mad when I left; I had fun. But Brian wants to try and see if we can play some bars in the future. In my mind, we are so far from being able to play in front of people that we don't know and get paid for. We would need a lot more organization during the practice (i.e. no drinking and everyone learns the songs before the next practice). We would need at least 30 songs. The guitarists would have to work out who's playing what during the song. We need a dedicated singer...the list goes on. If these guys want to jam every so often, I'm OK with that, but the fact is, being a father is eating up my free time. I'm 34 years old with a full-time career as a software developer as well. Playing smoky bars on a Friday night just isn't that appealing to me as a weekly thing. Once in a while...sure. Hell, I don't mind not making a lot of money if we play - I don't get paid anything right now when I sit downstairs with my instruments and write stuff or practice. But I won't go out and sound like we suck either. It has to be tight, and it has to be good.

We'll see where this goes. It would be fun to play live in front of people again, that's for sure. There was one guy who showed up later who plays guitar pretty good. It may be worth seeing if we can get that guy to play with us in the future.

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