"ßehemoth: ß-Max" and "ßehemoth: Seppuku"

I finished both books a couple days ago. At this point, the rifters are living in Atlantis, a secret location at the bottom of the ocean, with some corpses to ride out the chaos and death spreading due to Lenie unleashing ╬▓ehemoth into the wild. However, it's clear that ╬▓ehemoth isn't all what it seems, nor is it the end of genetic manipulation in an attempt to either completely destroy or save the world.

The Rifters books are fun to read, but now that I'm done with the them ... I'm not really sure what to make of it. The ending is extremely open-ended, which is fine, but it makes me wonder if this world will ever be revisited b the author. The characters are not 1-dimensional so it's not always easy to determine who you should really be rooting for, if anyone. That's not a bad thing per-se - I actually like it. But that also forced me to keep attention, and while that's not a bad thing either, sometimes the plot lines got a bit confusing and it was hard to figure out who was really who (you'll know what I mean once you start getting into "Seppuku").

Overall the series was well-worth the time to read. It's hard sci-fi to read, both in material and in character development (along with some of the storylines - some things get really brutal).

My next set of books? A trilogy of books I haven't read in 20+ years: "The Lord of the Rings".

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