Simmons, Just Stop

I just listened to a debate (which devolved into an argument, but a good argument), and I was simply amazed at how ignorant Simmons sounded compared to Myers. Yikes. It won't change the opinions of those who think ID should be preached in schools, but frankly it should. Here's a simple recurring pattern from the debate:

  • Simmons: "There are missing pieces of knowledge."
  • Myers: "Uh...yeah, we have that stuff - have you done any research?"
  • Simmons: "Can you stop being so mean and address my questions?"
  • Myers: "I'm not being mean - I'm just showing where you don't know what you're talking about."
  • Simmons: "Stop being so mean!! You guys are so mean, Darwin was a racist, speak the truth!"
  • Myers: "Uh...I've said that Darwin proposed an idea, a fair amount of which we know is wrong. This is simply about facts, which biology has a lot of - can you produce any for your side?"
  • Simmons: "Stop, Mr. Meanie!!"

Quite funny at times...

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