I'm Excited Because...

For the last two years, Mike and I have been working on a music endeavour. We're very, very close to finishing it up - in fact, all we have left is for Mike to do his vocals and then it's the final mix-down. Mike recently sent me a rough mix of a song called "I'm Angry" where I "sing". Calling it "singing" is a huge stretch - all I'm doing is yelling/shouting/screaming. Anyway, the song is very, very aggressive and it builds and builds until the furious ending. I have to say...hearing just this rough mix is bugging the hell out of me, because I love it, and I can't wait until we get our songs out there for people to download. I'm very excited for people to hear what we did, even if they don't like it. It's been a blast getting our songs recorded, and it'll be fun to get feedback from listeners on what we did. Stay tuned - we're almost done!

* Posted at 01.05.2007 07:33:17 PM CST | Link *

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