DIsposable Object, ObjectDisposedException, and Sharing Disposable Objects

If you've coded in .NET for a while, you've probably run across the IDisposable interface. I won't go into the details of how you should implement that interface (that's been done numerous times before); what I wanted to cover was ObjectDisposedException.

When I first heard about IDisposable, I learned why it was introduced and how it should be implemented. I think what got lost over the years is the fact that you shouldn't let anyone use an object after it's been disposed. The docs on IDisposable don't mention ObjectDisposedException, which is a shame. The docs on implementing IDisposable do, but only in the code sample, not in the general discussion. Basically, you should do something like this:

public void DoSomething()
   // ...

private void CheckForDisposed()
      throw new ObjectDisposedException("MyClass");

Now, I admit that I haven't been doing this until fairly recently, which is a bad thing. It really became evident in my EmitDebugging code (which is now fixed!). There are a couple of classes that implement IDisposable because they have fields that implement IDisposable. Furthermore, they all share the same resource: a CodeDocument. That is, the AssemblyDebugging object has a CodeDocument field, and it has a creational method (GetTypeDebugging()) to create a TypeDebugging object. It passes the CodeDocument reference to that new object. The reason this is done is because they're all writing to the same stream to produce an .il file. But the problem is that I was disposing the CodeDocument reference in the TypeDebugger when it was disposed.


That's wrong, because that TypeDebugger reference didn't create the disposable resource in the first place. Only when the AssemblyDebugger reference is disposed should the CodeDocument reference be disposed. I had this bug in my code for a while but I didn't notice it until last night when I started to add checks for disposal in all of the methods. That's when I started to get lots of ObjectDisposedExceptions in my tests!

The IDisposable interface seems very simple at first glance - it has only one method, Dispose(). But there's lots of implementation details to keep in mind when you implement it.

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