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I'm currently talking to the RSS Bandit folks - looks like I'm going to have to run the code myself in the debugger to see what the problem is. As I was adding the ZIP file to the e-mail RSS Bandit creates for you to send to them, I noticed that their e-mail text says this:

...replace this text with some more useful informations about:
* Your system environment and OS version
* Description of the issue to report
* Any hints/links that may help,

I understand their point. It's helpful to know what OS the user is running, do they have a multi-core system, how much memory do they have, etc. But then I realized...couldn't they add that to the log file themselves?

The Environment class has ProcessorCount, OSVersion, WorkingSet, etc. The ComputerInfo class (which is in microsoft.visualbasic.dll but C# can just ref that assembly) has a bunch of properties (like OSFullName, AvailablePhysicalMemory, etc.). So there's no reason a developer can't run code like this in their Main method:

ILog log = // ...create the logger;
log.Debug("Operation System: " + Environment.OSVersion.ToString());
log.Debug("Processor Count: " + Environment.ProcessorCount.ToString());

...and so on. I'm sure there are Win32 calls you can make to get other information about the user's system as well. My point is, if you really need system information in the log file that the user is going to send you anyway to resolve a bug, you might as well include it in the log file so you don't have to rely on the user to give you that information in a format you want.

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