Maybe Putting Halo 2 Away for a While Would be a Good Thing...

You know, after playing this game for about a month, and seeing a rash of lagging and cheating lately, I think it's about time to put it away for a while, or at least cut down on my time playing it. It's been fun, but there's a bunch of things I want to do before my son is born technically-related-wise, so I think I need to trim the amount of hours I'm investing in it. It's just getting tiring being in room where people trash-talk constantly, and it doesn't matter if they win or lose. There's little to no respect for anyone you're playing against, and that's sad. And, I admit, I find it too easy to get sucked into that mindset, even if I try to stay silent. So, I vow to put a timer on myself at nights and limit it to an hour or two.

* Posted at 12.14.2004 01:36:46 AM CST | Link *

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