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Well, now that I've removed a lot from my "todo" list, I need to focus on new projects. I still need to fly down to Texas to give a presentation on attributes, but after that...the schedule is wide open. There's a couple of programming projects I want to work on, and I'll start working on them in the near future. I also have no book projects in the near future, and I doubt that will change any time soon. Plus, I need to get more "Investigating .NET" articles up, and just put more interesting stuff here. But I want to digress for a moment about my favorite XBox game, Project Gotham Racing 2 (hence known as PGR2).

Simply put, this is a game that I have the most fun with, and the online experience is outstanding. Racing against real people instead of AI-based cars is also a plus. However, if I was king, there would be a couple of additions I'd like to add. First, for the weekly and monthly challenges, you must have a clean race. Some drivers use the walls as a "bouncing" device to go faster. That's fine as an interesting way to get a fast lap, but I personally try to race as close to "reality" as I would. Meaning, if I really did own a TVR 12-speed, I wouldn't bang it against a wall at over 100 MPH. Also, I'd like to able to enable a realistic damage engine for racing events. I don't like the "first-turn pileups" that usually occur in a race. Granted, bumping will occur, but when somebody plows you into a corner, it's not fun. You can easily go from 1st to 7th in 2 seconds, and that would never happen in the real world. Yes, it a computer game, but the reason I race PGR2 is for the realism, and I'd like it if I could enable the game to penalize people for dirty racing. Smash into a wall to take someone out? Guess what, your suspension just went to hell. It's fun to do elimination-based games where you try to get the Gullwing airborne (a great car for elimination for those readers who play PGR2), but when clean racing is mandatory, I'd like the game to be able to enforce it more than it does. It also sucks when you're in a room w/ friends and somebody shows up with the explicit intent to bash the crap out of people.

OK, rant-time is over. If you're an XBox gamer, get PGR2. It's a great game, and feel free to look me up for a race: ViktorJB.

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