Way Too Enterprisey

A friend of mine from an earlier consulting gig just sent me an e-mail about his current gig:

Imagine taking ten trillion lines of arbitrary Java code, using every J2EE API and open-source framework ever invented. Ever. And then mix it all together in a big bag. Dump it all onto the floor. Then draw 17 parallel lines through the wreckage. Call each section of wreckage a "layer". Now find everyone who ever knew anything about what the big bag of code was *supposed* to do in the first place. Get rid of 'em. Now, now you can start fixing bugs. Or not. Turns out no one really cares.

It's not a shot against Java per-se; it's more of a commentary (or "rant") against huge, enterprisey-architecturey systems that are bloated beyond belief. The only reason they stay afloat is because some poor souls still have to use the systems.

I love this guy's commentary. I really wish he would blog.

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