Check Scams

I'm sure you've noticed this before, but I'm really getting sick and tired of those "checks" that we get in the mail that's nothing more than a devious ploy to get me to sign up for a service I really don't want. Usually I don't even see those as my brain's snail-mail filter catches most of the crap I get in the mail before I try to open it. Unfortunately, the filter isn't 100% successful, and sometimes I look at something that seems like a check, but (read the fine print!) it's nothing more than the start of a contract to something I don't want.

I haven't been fooled by one yet. I'm just suprised organizations can get away with something that seems deceitful - well, at least it seems dishonest and manipulative, but when has that stopped corporations from trying to fool people into buying their services and products?

* Posted at 05.03.2005 01:51:43 PM CST | Link *

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