Riding The Bench

Today I finished up a 4-week gig 3 weeks early. That kind of drives the salespeople nuts, but the client was very happy that I could finish the work ahead of time. Even though I'm already doing interviews for new clients, I will be riding the bench tomorrow (which is kind of nice because my laptop is beat up - I need to replace the power cord and the battery). Unless someone comes running to me with the need for me to go and interview somewhere, I usually camp out in a cube and catch up on reading and some R&D. Here's a picture of the books I'm bringing into work:

That's "Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages", "Framework Design Guidelines", and "How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics". No, I don't plan on finishing any of them tomorrow (although I'm halfway through the framework book), but at least they'll keep me occupied (i.e. out of trouble).

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