"Father and Son", by Larry Brown

I just finished this book.

Holy shit.

I'm stunned.

This is an awesome book. I loved it. Great storytelling, great characters - it was worth the time I invested in reading it. It's not a pretty story - in fact some sections come up out of nowhere and shock the hell out of you. It's disturbing at times. But there's images of truth and hope in these broken characters that are subtly intertwined (if you read this book, don't miss a word - otherwise you may miss some essential clues to the plot). I thought at first that it was just going to be another story about a father and son who couldn't work things out due to demons in the past (although I was hoping it would be good - I've read "Fay" and that was a good one as well). It's so much more than that.

I've come up with a qualification of reading a really good book (one that I would put on my Recommendations list). Basically, if I feel like I just ate a great steak with potatoes with a nice side salad and an excellent merlot, then I know the book is good. This one met that qualification. Easily. I couldn't put it down, even when I was sick this week. Left me feeling a wide range of emotions: sadness, shock, rage - you name it, Brown conjured it up.

Unfortunately Brown died in 2004 and he hasn't written a lot. But I plan on getting his other novels when I can. He's quickly become one of my favorites.

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