I came into work today and I found out about a really scary issue. No, not the London bombings, although that's a serious issue in its own right. What happened was that a woman where I work fell through a fire escape that is commonly used as an exit by all the employees. I had left the building via those stairs a hour before it happened. I guess she walked on to the top portion of the stairs, and the platform just gave through. The stairs are still there, but if you tried to walk out of the door you'd fall straight down to the ground, which is about 2 to 3 stories up in the air. I guess she's in a hospital with a cracked vertebra (sp?) so I hope she recovers. It's just scary that I missed the problem by an hour.

I'm wondering she has a huge lawsuit against the building in the making...

* Posted at 07.07.2005 09:16:34 AM CST | Link *

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