Hayden's Fits

Overall, Hayden is a really good kid. Of course, I'm biased, but other people have said that he is a good-natured boy. Unforutnately, he's almost a year old (3 days away!) and he's already starting to want to control his life. Yesterday he threw two fits, one of which I saw when we were trying to feed him dinner. For 2 hours he was doing really well, playing by himself and just being happy, and then he started to get crabby around dinnertime, so Liz got his food together while I distracted him. When she came back, I tried to put him into his chair, taking the book away that he was reading in the process.

Big mistake.

He started screaming and arching his back. He really didn't like it that Dad took his book away. Granted, I didn't just yank the book away - I just took it away from him to get him in the chair. I should've at least tried to briefly explain to him why I was doing what I was, but...the deed was done, and he didn't like it.

Now, one thing I'm learning to do is not to get angry at him when he gets like this. Before, it would frustrate me because I couldn't (and still can't) reason with him, so I wouldn't know what to do. Fortunately, Liz has been good at picking up childhood development books and we're learning good techniques on how to raise and discipline children. In this case, he wasn't doing something wrong per se; he just threw a fit. Finally, I decided to just pick him up and take him into our bedroom to calm him down, which he finally did. I felt good because I was able to get him to relax enough so Liz could feed him while I went to use a gift certificate at Panera Bread for our dinner.

It's funny. Hayden usually does really well, but it's those small moments when he gets all fired up that I seem to remember more. I have to remember that overall he is a good kid and he's just trying to figure out what he can and can't do, and he can't really express what's pissing him off all the time :).

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