Opinion Needed: TypeHierarchy Project on CodePlex?
This may seem like a really dumb question, but I thought I'd ask for your opinion. I have this little project called TypeHierarchy, which basically creates a tree of types based on their inheritance relationships. The reason I wrote it is to support creating the right catch block order for ExceptionFinder, but I left it general enough to handle any type, not just exceptions. The question is, should I add it to CodePlex? It seems like something that really isn't that useful to anyone other than me :), but at the same time it is a free code repository and maybe someone will download it and use it (and probably find bugs with it). I'll probably end up adding it (I've seen far worse "projects" on CodePlex), just wondering what y'all thought about it.

* Posted at 04.21.2008 12:06:46 PM CST | Link *

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