Unfortunately, You Can't Ignore Crap Like This

I saw this post today, and my first reaction was, "Swaggart has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a complete moron, and it's best just to ignore him." But the more I though about this, I realized I couldn't ignore it. See, the problem with fundamentalists and creationists is that they simply won't go away. Ever. They're tenacious - they're kind of like a Terminator in that they just will not stop, and if you ignore them, they'll influence the minds of others. Before you know it, they're burning you at the stake. [1]

In a recent issue of "Skeptical Inquirer", Paul Krauss (sp?) said that he really doesn't like to debate creationists, but he knows that they keep going until the scientific community gets tired of them, and then they can roll into the public schools. In fact, he had a quote from Phillip Johnson along these same lines. That's why you can't ingore non-scientific endeavors, even if they seem weird or odd or just flat-out wrong. If you don't, you may end up in a situation where you're surrounded by people who want to put creationism in your public schools or kill gays on sight.

[1] Of course, I don't mean that literally ;)

* Posted at 09.20.2004 02:40:02 PM CST | Link *

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