"Hellboy II - The Golden Army"

I saw this movie last night. Overall...meh. It has its moments and it's visually stunning, but the storyline really dragged in a couple of spots. It didn't have the charm that I enjoyed in the first one. I also realized that there were some interesting parallels to "Blade II", a movie del Toro made. The same actor played the same "bad" guy in both movies, and the style of both characters are similar: they're the guy that the "good" character is fighting but they're not really evil - there's reasons behind what they're doing that kind of make sense. And both characters have father issues :).

I wouldn't recommend spending the money to see "Hellboy II" - it just isn't that good. Definitely worth seeing, but spending 10$ on? I wouldn't suggest doing that. I am very interested to see what del Toro does with the two "Hobbit" movies, though.

* Posted at 07.14.2008 08:01:46 AM CST | Link *

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