configSource and Testing Woes in VS 2005

So, I just moved some custom configuration settings into a separate file, and I reference that via the configSource attribute. In the web application, this works just fine, but in the test assembly, the test harness doesn't copy the separate configuration file into it's "Test Results\obfuscated name with time value\Out" directory, so the tests that check for that custom configuration setting information fail. I've tried setting the file's "Build Action" to "Content" and "Copy to Output Directory" to "Copy always", but nothing helps.

If anybody has a clue as to how I can get that section file over such that my tests will work, I'd greatly appreciate it. My frustration levels with VS 2005's testing functionality is growing this week; if I'd use NUnit+TestDriven.NET I'd be done by now, but I'm really trying to make this work in VS 2005. TIA.

* Posted at 04.07.2006 09:26:10 AM CST | Link *

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