Macho Movie Night: "Rambo"

Some guys at the client have started an event called "Macho Movie Night", where we go out and watch a tough, cheesy, violent movie. Last time was "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem" - last night was "Rambo".


That was easily the most violent movie I have ever seen. The last 10-15 minutes of the have to see it to believe it - the violence is just crazy. It's not a good movie...although it's not that bad either. There were a couple of scene where the dialouge was really bad (the boat scene where Rambo is taking the missionaries to the camp has some awful lines), and the steel forging scene is hilarious ("I'll go save them, but first, I must....forge...steel!"). It definitely won't win Best Picture, but then again it never set its' sights on being a well-acted movie either. It's about over-the-top violence, and that makes for a great macho movie!

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