Stressful Day

Today I took Liz to her weekly baby checkup, and her blood pressure was very low, so we had to go to the Maternal Assessment Center. We were basically there all day, and it turns out her sodium levels are low, so it's nothing serious - just something she need to adjust in her diet. It was stressful for me, though, as I had to keep Hayden busy all day from 6 AM to 3 PM. I'm not whining - I love my son and I could play with him all day - but being at a hospital where he can't take his nap, so he's off his schedule. He did pretty good, all things considered. I just don't like hospitals...then again, who really does?

I'm telling you, once Ryan is in this world, I'm getting the snip-snip. Two kids - that's it! :)

* Posted at 11.28.2006 07:01:07 PM CST | Link *

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