Relaxing and Decompressing

It's Sunday morning, and I'm having one of my random "alone" mornings at the local Dunn Bros. I love Liz, Hayden and Ryan, but occasionally I just need time alone to drink coffee, read some techie papers, work on some techie stuff that I haven't had the time for, and just...relax. This morning I plan on getting my "Writing Better Code" presentation for the upcoming TCCC done...after that, it's all fun.

I'm stressing a bit with the current state of the project at the client. I think we're moving way too fast lately and we're cutting some corners here and there with our process. We're all about lean-and-mean and only doing what is necessary, but there are some things that are absolutely necessary for us to function well, and we've been lax lately in doing those things. I think I can get everything done in this iteration that needs to be done, but we're not in a good state with automating a lot of our database work and that has to improve in the very near future, or we're sunk.

After I'm done here, I'm going to the Regal Eagan to do another "Macho Movie" event. We're going to see "Doomsday". Should be fun!

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