"Anvil of Stars"
I finished this book last night (amist Ryan crying due to his 3rd ear infection - ugh!). When I finished the first book in this...duology (is that even a word?), I liked it, but that's only because I found out there was another book written after it. This book complements the first one very well. The children who survived the destruction of Earth from the Killers (with the help of the Benefactors) are now out on a mission to uphold the Law, which means they must find the Killers' home world and destroy them in turn. I really liked how the book dealt with these kids who had seen Earth destroyed and are now growing up on a ship with their one and only Job in mind. They are angry for what the Killers did, but when they come to the decision to wipe out trillions of sentient beings they hesitate. They're tough, but they're fragile, and the book does a great job illustrating this. There are no easy answers to find in either of the books, but I liked that. These two books are very high on my recommended list, but you have to read both for them to work.

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