A Good Example of the Halo 2 Modem Cheat

A fellow XBox gamer (n31y) sent me this example of what happens when someone cheats on you. Click on the link, and then click on the Next button under Objective Route. The blue team basically picks up the bomb in the center and runs over to the red team's base without ever getting killed. If you've played this map before under the Neutral Bomb Fast game scenario, you know that's virtually impossible. n31y told me that everyone on the red team got the "blue screen of reinitialization" when this happened, and when they came back they realized the bomb had been planted. Fortunately, the red team members reported everyone on the blue team for cheating - hopefully Bungie will take care of the one who really cheated.

* Posted at 12.29.2004 02:21:14 PM CST | Link *

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