Changing My Musical Collection Around

I'm dropping the Zune store.

I've been using it for a while, but frankly after the initial "download-every-frakking-song-I've-ever-listened-to" filegasm, I got kind of bored with it. And the DRM just made me go bleh.

So, I'm rebooting my collection. I'm burning all my CDs to MP3s, and putting them in my folder that gets backed up to Amazon S3 so I don't lose them (ever! right?). I'm also going to start buying music I want DRM-free. I don't know how easy this is going to be - in fact, my first choice out of the gate doesn't have all the songs (grrr! what the hell is up with that?!) - but I'm tired of DRM and I'm tired of having tons of CDs lying around. At the very least, this will allow me to dump a bunch of CDs ... but I have to admit, as a musician, I love reading the liner notes and I've always loved the album art. I wish groups would start publishing this stuff as PDFs or something similar to that. Enough with CDs - we need a whole reboot on content.

I also have some thoughts on the Kindle ... that'll be in an upcoming post (if I remember to write it).

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