This Weekend

Saturday I played a little PRG2 with Peter and James. It was very entertaining and fun to finally get a chance to meet/talk to Peter. The discussion actually confirmed an idea that I've been thinking about for the next year to jolt my technical creativity, so I hope we can do this more often.

Liz and I saw "Spiderman2" last night. I found it very enjoyable with incredible special effects. Definitely worth the money and it's the best summer sci-fi/effects-heavy movie so far in my book.

Today I cleaned out my office. The primary goal was to clean out the file cabinet. I've saved up a ton of articles on COM, threading, security, the Collatz name it, I had it. But I realized that they were just collecting dust, so I dumped most of them. I saved a few that I haven't read yet, so that should keep me busy for a while. Over the last year, I'm really trying to not be a packrat and get rip of crap that I just don't need anymore.

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