Halo3 Mulitplayer Game Types

If you're a lover of Halo (as I am) you know that Halo3 has been announced for release in 2007. While I can't tolerate the 12-year-old asshats online for very long (i.e. 12 milliseconds), I really like the game. That said, I think they should spice up the multiplayer game types a bit for the 3rd release. Here's a couple of ideas:

  • Defend the Base: This would pit everyone against computer-enemies: they can be humans, Covenant forces, or the Flood. Difficulty levels could be varied. Basically, you try to prevent the enemies from reaching a certain location within the base - if too many enemies get to that point, you lose. I haven't played GRAW or COD2 but I've heard one of them (or maybe both) have this game type.
  • Add The Flood Option: This would be an option with normal game types so you could add in the Flood during CTF or Assault games. This would make it harder for snipers to spawn camp because the Flood would be coming after them as well. I think it would be interesting because you can't always do the same strategy.
  • Dawn of the Dead: This is a game type that people have created in Halo2, although people have to follow weapon rules to make it work. This would standardize it and enforce weapons usage. If you allowed the Flood to appear in multiplayer games then the Zombies could look like the Flood - that would be really cool.

Multiplayer games are fun but frankly they got kind of boring after a while (although LAN parties are always fun). I hope Bungie extends the multiplayer game types - I'm sending them this blog entry in the vain hopes that they might find these ideas cool.

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