FileGenerator Reflector Add-In Version is Released

I just released a new version of my FileGenerator add-in for Reflector. You can grab it here. The biggest addition is not functionality; rather, there's a 2.0 branch with the code base updated for .NET 2.0. The project is currently done in Beta2 - once VS 2005 is RTM'ed I'll update the solution. The code drop isn't quite what I want - the .sln file in the root directory opens the 1.1 code; to get the 2.0 project open, you open the .sln file in the 2.0 directory. The next code drop will have a clean separation of 1.1 and 2.0 code.

There isn't a lot more I want to do with this add-in. The biggest deal with this release is a 2.0 upgrade - if you look at the code, I've added generics where I think it was appropriate. Generics are still a bit new to me in terms of design and implementation, which is one reason I wanted to get this code updated (gotta learn more about 2.0). I will have a 3.0 release in the near future with one new feature - after that, I think it'll be code-complete, as there's really not much more I can do in terms of what this add-in should od. Of course, maybe I'll think of other things, but right now it's one more major release, and that's it for a while.

As always, please let me know if you have any trouble with the code. Enjoy!

* Posted at 10.13.2005 08:58:35 PM CST | Link *

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