My Anniversay Present: A Canon PowerShot A95

Liz and I usually do the traditional gift thing for our anniversay. This year, it was wool and cotton, and, well, that was the last straw ;). We decided to buy a digital camera to replace our 10-year old 35 mm camera I've had since college (and still works well, thank you very much). I got the Canon PowerShot A95, mostly on a reference from a good friend of mine. He's very dilligent when it comes to researching technical stuff, so I trust his opinion. Anyway, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but I will tonight for a while. I also got a 1 Gig CF card for it, so I may post some quick clips of me playing the drums soon ;).

* Posted at 09.19.2004 06:49:47 PM CST | Link *

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