A Memorable Quote (no Pun Intended)

I've decided to start reading "Garbage Collection", just because I wanted to dive into a rather technical topic for awhile. There's a line in the Preface that made me smile: "Microsoft Windows 95, an operating system for a single-user personal computer, needs more than twelve megabytes of RAM to operate optimally. Thus main memory alone may account for half the cost of a PC."

Checking TaskManager shows that SharpReader (the largest memory consumer running on my laptop as I type) is currently hogging 188 MEG of memory. And my VikBlog tool I wrote to streamline my blogging process (which is a pretty small .NET application) takes up 17 MEG.

So much for the garbage collector in .NET ;) [1]

[1] Yes, that's a tad sarcastic. I have a great respect for .NET garbage collector and the Framework in general. It just seems like the garbage man doesn't come around often enough to take out the trash.

* Posted at 06.22.2004 10:32:44 PM CST | Link *

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