Code Analysis and Unit Testing - I Give Up

I tried.

So have others.

It's a total pain in the ass. I'd make a step forward, and then realize that I forgot something else in my initialization code (which was quickly becoming littered with Reflection code). The only option left was to Reflector FxCopCmd.exe, start with Main() and figure out how to truly "host" FxCop, but frankly I my desire to go the "write-a-lot-of-brittle-Reflection-code" again is very, very low. I've done it before, and it sucks.

I really hope that Microsoft addresses this. Developers want to unit test code based on the frameworks they produce. They're starting to do it with the MVC ASP.NET framework. Hopefully this one isn't far behind...

* Posted at 04.08.2008 12:35:18 PM CST | Link *

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